Taonga Puoro The Musical Instruments of the Maori

The Waikato University launch of the Brian Flintoff book, Taonga Puoro The Musical Instruments of the Maori was on Friday 19 November 2004 5pm. It was held at Te Kohinga Marama Marae at the University of Waikato. Hei Tiki Gallery organised a workshop to coincide overnight on the Marae featuring Nguru.
Taonga Puoro - Singing Treasures: The musical instruments of the Maori is the first book to be published that comprehensively covers the world of Maori musical instruments.

Taonga Puoro The Musical Instruments of the Maori
Taonga Puoro - Singing Treasures

Written by master carver and instrument maker Brian Flintoff, and inspired by the late Dr Hirini Melbourne,one of the leaders of the modern revival of this art form, this exquisite book, heavy with colour illustration,details the full range of traditional musical instruments created by Maori.

In Taonga Puoro Flintoff presents each instrument - flutes, gourds, woodand shell trumpets and bullroarers - within their own family group. Heoutlines the development of these instruments and their links to Maorimythology. These instruments are, says Flintoff, best appreciated andunderstood when the cosmogony that guided their creation is known.Step-by-step pointers to making some of the more simple of theinstruments, plus another section on understanding the art forms used inthe carving of the taonga are also incorporated.

A third dimension has been added to the words and pictures of Taonga Puoro with the inclusion of a sampler CD of Maori music which brings tolife the sounds made by these beautifully crafted instruments.

Brian Flintoff is an established bone carver whose carvings have beenexhibited in several countries and are held in Museums - including Te Papa in Wellington - and public and private collections worldwide. Hehas also gained recognition by being made an Artist Member of the NewZealand Academy of Fine Arts.

Working with Te Haumanu, a group dedicated to the revival of Maori flute and instrument making and playing,has brought him status as a maker of traditional flutes. Support and guidance from the Maori community hasbeen the greatest influence and inspiration for his carving. His attitude to carving is inspired by that oftraditional artists, who strove for excellence in order to please the spirit world. Their understanding thatharmony is the balance of spiritual and physical elements has enriched both his life and his carving.

Taonga Puoro

Singing Treasures - The Musical Instruments of the Maori

Brian Flintoff

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Brian Flintoff is also available for interview